My journey in leather crafting started when my brothers introduced me a few years back to the heritage footwear leather boots community which took my interest in an instant. As I was browsing through the community, I noticed that most of the people here are also fond of raw selvedge denim which also compounded my interest even more. Then after that, it introduces me to vintage mechanical watches and heritage workwear gears.

1013 Artisan craftsman

As I fully immersed myself in these nicest communities, I find that most of the leather products they're using to pair with their outfit or daily wear require to be imported internationally from the western side of the globe or other SEA countries. Bringing the same quality of craftsmanship and materials here in our motherland within the gritty side of the capital would be an honor to deliver.

With the primary help of my big brother who made our logo and most of the brand’s identity, he encourage me to honed my skill and pursue my passion in leather crafting. And to pay homage to this spirit of gritty determination every time I create a new piece of leatherwork that withstands the test of time.


With these leather products, you can see the legacy of a proud heritage, where overcoming adversity is just a part of daily life. Our crafts embody this resilience, standing as a testament to the city where they were crafted and the hard work that went into them. For the people who see our products as more than just objects but as extensions of their personalities and lifestyles.