Lakandula keeper orientation

Lakandula keeper orientation

There are two-ways on how to seal the keeper on your Lakandula belt for the buckles that has the swivel on the edge. 

First one is using the 2 solid brass chicago screws. The main advantage of having the screw type is the detachability when if you wish to change the color or type of your keeper. The disadvantage is sometimes prone to scratches the top grain of your leather belt.


The other one is using the saddle stiching method done hands and waxed threads to seal the keeper. This main advantage of this is removing the tendency to scratch the top grain of the leather and provide a subtle look since the waxed thread color can have options. The disadvantage is the stiches is permanent and removed the possibility of changing the color or type of the keeper.


There are also 2 types of keeper to have an option with, the brass and leather type. The leather keeper can also have a different color option to provide mixed matching possibilities while the brass keeper can only have a single color and only available in 38mm width belts. Both type of keeper always serves the purpose of keeping the belt’s tip in place and will depend on you preference. Cheers!

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